How to Get Rid Of Weed Smell

Cannabis is a flower which produces terpenes as one of its primary functions. Terpenes are naturally designed odiferous chemicals which ward off predators and attract pollinators. These odorous or musky compounds can either be the best or worst parts of enjoying marijuana. The rich scent of these sticky buds can be inebriating or intoxicating as a perfume.

However, this smell can be a dead giveaway as well hence alerting other people of your preferably enigmatic ritual. And while marijuana may be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, the public perception is governed by the federal prohibition. So, as a person who mail order weed, you need to be vigilant of the people around you and ensure that your weed habits stay under the radar.

Ways to get rid of marijuana smell

There are various techniques you can embrace to get rid of weed smell.  For instance, blocking your house heating duct so that the smell does not leave the house or smoking in the bathroom. However, you need to ensure these techniques are effective. This is because if you are found smoking weed yet it is prohibited in your state, you will face the consequences of your actions. Your neighbors can report you or your roommate who regularly presents friends in your room intending to get rid of the weed odor. 

Top ways to get rid of weed smell

Albeit the situation you find yourself in, below are some of the ideal tips and tricks you can embrace to get rid of the smell of weed.

Buy a vape pen

If you want to crack down the scent production of marijuana instead of masking it, consider purchasing a vape pen. Vape pens are useful in getting rid of the smell of pot. You can use them to cut down the odor of marijuana by about 90 percent in comparison to a joint. Additionally, you can use them to smoke e-cigarette juices. Thus, if you are smoking around people, vape pens are useful in getting rid of that smell as they are discreet.

Use smoke filter

Weed smokers do not have a particular spot of smoking. Some people wonder how they can smoke anywhere they please without being worried about the weed smell. If you are one of them, you do not have to worry about anything. Using a smoke filter such as Smoke Buddy is an ideal method to get rid of marijuana smell. Additionally, it is an affordable and compact solution. You need to blow the smoke into it, and the charcoal filter inside will ensure that only fresh air comes out the other end.

Use aroma candles

Scented candles such as the cannabis killer candle can also be used to eliminate the smell of marijuana. You need to light it along with your smoky treat and prepare for bewilderment.  Scented candles cover the marijuana smell as well as removing it altogether. Additionally, they can last up to 90 hours. They also encompass natural scent killing constituents.

Use air freshener

One of the most common ways people use to remove the smell of weed is by spraying an air freshener. Air fresheners cover up the marijuana scent of lingering smoke. Additionally, they are relatively cheaper and very effective. Examples include Ozium and Febreeze.

In conclusion, cannabis may be consumed for both recreational and medical purposes. However, the perception of the public is governed by federal prohibition. Hence, as a weed smoker, you need to be wary of your surrounding more so if it illegal in your state. Above are some of the techniques you can embrace to get rid of the smell of marijuana.