Top 6 Google Chrome extensions everyone needs to know

These 6 Google Chrome extensions will make your life easier and brighter than ever before. The variety of extensions for the Google Chrome browser allow users to multiply their capabilities. But there is always one “but” not everyone knows about these extensions, can find or add them. Chrome Extensions can do everything from a complete reorganization of the mailbox to filtering adult content sites and sites for russian girls dating. . Six most useful Chrome extensions will be discussed below.

  • Save to Google Drive

This feature is placed in a small tab in the right corner of the program window of the browser and it will send everything you click on in your Google Drive for future reference. The right mouse button menu also has an option for greater convenience. The option applies to screenshots, storing audio, images or video content. This is a very convenient and fast way to send anything in cloud storage for the later exchange of data between devices.

  • Sortd

People were disappointed when Google made an announcement that the Gmail Inbox application would be closed, which is understandable. Performance-based alternative to Gmail has given the users options to streamline their mailboxes and prioritize things they find more important to them. Sortd extension for Chrome browser may not be an ideal substitute for Gmail, but it does the job pretty well. It integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account after installation allowing to drag messages into their own columns, as well as make notes or keep lists of things in the sidebar. Back to normal Gmail with one click.

  • Honey Review

This is definitely one of Chrome’s most popular reviews and it’s pretty easy to understand why. This is a quick and easy extension that allows you to seek for coupons when shopping online using the tab situated near the URL or the one you can find on their main website. The online-made purchases are more efficient for today’s users for many users, but it still remains difficult to understand if you get a better price for a specific purchase or not. The program deprives you of this time-consuming work and is a useful tool to save some real money.

  • Download Manager Download Manager

Despite the fact that Chrome has evolved over many years, downloading files is still not the best feature of this browser in terms of  functionality. An attempt to see the images, programs and many other things that were downloaded earlier means opening a new tab and this is not particularly well organized. Download Manager plays the role of a good alternative to this. It forms a downloading list of all files in the form of the drop-down menu that you can find in your browser if you click the upper icon in the right corner. Searching for downloads and accessing the full download page has never been easier.

  • Security with HTTPS Everywhere

Using the Internet may be a pretty risky affair in 2019. As your data is under threat of being stolen, perhaps, anywhere and whenever. Here is where the HTTPS Everywhere assistant comes on the scene. A simple Chrome module enables you to switch the standard “http” to “https” at any site, which means that it gets encrypted and is more secure. One extension that will solve so many of your problems!